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Order NO. C006127
英文名 OrgoSol DetergentOUT(TM)
相關類别 去污劑及去污劑清除劑 儲存 冷藏(2-8℃)
編 号 包裝 庫存 目錄價(¥) 您的價格(¥) 數 量
C006127-0010 10 ML 預計40日内發貨


OrgoSol DetergentOUT? is suitable for removal of detergents from protein solutions, including hydrophobic protein solutions. OrgoSol DetergentOUT? is compatible with all detergent types and its performance is not dependent on the concentration of detergents in the solution. OrgoSol DetergentOUT? is highly flexible and can be used to process small and large sample volumes. OrgoSol DetergentOUT? first concentrates the protein solution through precipitation and then the detergent is extracted and removed with the supplied OrgoSol? buffer. The proprietary precipitation agent ensures protein recovery >99%, however precipitation may result in loss of a protein’s biological activity. Two sizes are offered for a single or multiple experiments:Micro Kit for processing up to a total of 10 ml protein solution and Medi Kit for processing up to a total of 30 ml protein solution.

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